Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Return of El Cheapo: AL West

"My job requires me to mace out of hate,
But it's up to me, so i will lyrically assassinate
Those that step, and those that boast
The best damned security on the west coast."

Ahhhh, the American League West. Is the west coast the best coast? I don't know, but it does have baseball's smallest division, where you only need to be better than three other teams to make the playoffs. Now, whenever I think of the west coast, it brings to mind a game of 1000 Blank White Cards I was playing with my siblings a couple of years ago. My brother came up with the most memorable card of the night, called "East Coast vs. West Coast: Caught Up in the Rap Battle." It caused you to lose a certain number of points. I might still have it somewhere. Whatever, two of the AL West teams were claimed, so let's see what they got.

Team: Oakland Athletics
Buyer: Nathan
Best Card: 2005 Leaf Limited #105 Bobby Crosby Spotlight Parallel (17/50)
By virtue of where I live, I pay close attention to neither the Oakland A's, nor the Pittsburgh Penguins. Because of this, my brain routinely mixes up Bobby and Sidney Crosby. David Crosby, I've got locked down, though. Nathan is getting a couple more nice numbered cards in this lot.

Team: Seattle Mariners
Buyer: Alex
Best Card: 2008 Upper Deck X X2 Xponential #X2-EB Erik Bedard
Is there a better card in this Mariners bunch? Probably. But why pass up an opportunity to showcase an Upper Deck X card?

Where are we going next?
Why, the National League, of course.

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