Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Talk to Me About This Card

So I've been collecting Robin Yount cards pretty faithfully for going on five years now. I think of myself as pretty knowledgable about what's out there. Like most players from his era, there's not too much to grab from the 1970s. In the '80s, there's a lot of Yount stuff, but most of it can be had for cheap. Early '90s, same thing, growing at a rapid rate with the proliferation of card companies jumping into the game. Things start to peter out at the tail end of 1994, with Robin retiring the year before. From that point, there's literally nothing until 1999, when retro sets begin to come into vogue. Once the 2000s hit, the number of Yount cards explodes, as parallels, autos, relics, and the like begin to become popular. Yount is (thankfully) included in many "heroes from the past" sets, mostly, I'm guessing, because of his high collectibility as a single-team-during-a-Hall-of-Fame-career guy.

As such, I was shocked (SHOCKED!) to find this card last week.
1993 Upper Deck #HI 20 Robin Yount 92 Season Highlights

Something like this coming into my world from out of the blue is a rare event indeed. There's still a bunch of locally-produced Yount cards from this era that I don't have, but this seems to be from a widely available set. I can't believe I've never even seen this card before, and now I need to know everything about it. This is where I need some help.

What set was it from? (UD flagship, or something else?)
Was there a special way of getting it? Only certain sizes of packs? Mail-in offer? Factory set?
Do you have any of the other guys from this set? Some of these are up for ridiculous prices on eBay, but others are still cheap. There's a Nolan Ryan ending on Wednesday that actually has a bid at $9.99 +shipping. Way more than what I paid, but someone is willing to pay it.

Tell me all you know, and I will be thankful.



This is from a 20 card "Highlights" set inserted into Series II packs. Yount being #20 and listed at $2.00. I don't think I have any of these.Barry Bonds,#5, is listed at $7.50 along with Nolan Ryan #17.Griffey Jr. is next,#9, at $5.00.

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