Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why Did I Buy This? #2

Exhibit: Lot of 8 1959 Topps -- Directing the Power, Pitching Partners, Batter Bafflers, and Words of Wisdom...

...and Baseball Thrills -- Hank Aaron, Duke Snider, Ernie Banks, and Stan Musial

Why Did I Buy This?:
As I've hinted at before in this space, I am in the early stages of taking a run at completing the 1959 Topps set. I got this lot for less than $15 shipped. When my usual experience is finding mistreated (or loved, depending on how you look at it) '59 commons from a 50-cent box, this lot was a no-brainer. These are four of the best Baseball Thrills cards on the checklist, and seeing as I already have the Mickey Mantle, the only big names left to track down are Mays and Kaline. Advice I've gotten has suggested going after some of the bigger cards first instead of leaving them for last. Sound advice, if you ask me, since you can try to casually find a cheap one that's fallen through the eBay cracks.

Why I Should Not Have Bought This:
Condition. The Musial and Banks cards both have small tears near the top border in the exact same spot. The backs also look like they might have some adhesive on the corners at some point in their lives. However, all of the print is still legible and none of the backing paper is missing, so that's A-OK in my book. Remember, these are going to go in a set with cards that have moustaches and shit drawn on some of the players. When it comes to condition, I am only scared away form buying a card if some of it is missing.

Team name scribbled out and a soul patch added to the chin? I'm still all over it.
Bite taken out of lower right-hand corner? No thank you.

Let me stress this. These set me back less than fifteen dollars.


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