Sunday, June 26, 2011

The 100 Best Finds in a 30-Dollar Lot: #47.5

1989 Upper Deck #6 Rolando Roomes and 2007 Upper Deck 1989 Rookie Reprint #89-KO Kory Casto

At first, I was excited to see a Nationals player on an '89 Upper Deck card, but then I went and got the scoop on Kory Casto. Apparently a .194 career batting average doesn't cut it in the big leagues. Hope you paid attention in school, bro.

On the other hand, Roomes is awesome because he is from Jamaica and played cricket before baseball. I bet all of his teammates fought to be Rolando's Roomes' roomie on road trips.


Chris Harris said...

The trouble with non-vintage, vintage-based inserts: 20 years from now, most collectors will think the Casto was actually in the '89 set.

Sarge6 said...

Wow, Rolando Roomes. As a Cubs fan, I haven't thought of him in 20 years. God, we wanted him to be good. A nice combination of pop and speed in the minors, but ended up a AAAA guy.