Saturday, June 18, 2011

Group Break: 2005 UD Reflections

Wow, waaaaaay better box than the one before it. We even got an extra hit. Enjoy the video.

Hideo Nomo Super Swatch (11/25)
This is the second month in a row with a big Nomo hit. Nomo-Jo!

Ben Sheets/Jose Capellan Dual Signature (23/99)
First Brewers hit in a loooooong time in these breaks. A bad hit if you're buying a box of this for yourself, but a good hit for a Brewers fan.

Mark Teixeira/Miguel Cabrera Cut From the Same Cloth Dual Jersey (160/225)
Decent card, but had to be randomed off between Alex and DaVe. The video at the bottom will tell you who got it.

Legendary Reflections Harmon Killebrew Aqua (34/50)
Boy, did I do well to pick the Twins. Interesting parallel color, but it still looks great.

Legendary Reflections Bob Lemon Red (12/99)
A more appropriate color, this is also a nice card.

Wade Boggs Fabric Reflections
Got into a fight with Barney on The Simpsons over who was the best British Prime Minister.

And here's the randomization video for Teixeira and Cabrera (also the title of a new buddy cop show coming to ABC this fall).

So the card will go to Alex. Better luck next time, DaVe.

So, should be do another box of Reflections in the future? Thanks for participating, everyone. I'll be back in a couple of weeks with the July break.

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Anonymous said...

Reflections is a great product, just full of many expired redemptions :(