Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Juiciest Bip: TOO SEXY FOR CHILDREN!!!

Steve from White Sox Cards probably hates me by now. He sent me the best Bipping that ever existed, and I sat on it for more than a year. I remember sending him a message that I'd have it posted by the All-Star Break or something ludicrous like that, but it just gathered dust. No worries, at last it's ready. You probably shouldn't watch this if you're at work, or under 18, or cringe at the sight of bewbs and pewbs. Better watch while the watchin' is good.

Speaking of pubes, has anyone here seen The Peanut Butter Solution? Craziest movie I've ever seen. If I tried explaining it to you and you haven't seen it, your head would probably explode.

In any event, thanks (?) for the cards. And thanks for reserving the most creative Bipping for me. I guess inventing it has earned me certain privileges.


SpastikMooss said...

Wow. That's a lot of Kuntz!

And I've never seen that movie, but I just checked the plot on Wikipedia and...damn. I wish it was available on Netflix.

Fuji said...

If The Peanut Butter Solution has anything to do with those Asian girls... I'm all over it.

Naked Asian woman cards? What will the think of next... I'm going to guess they're Japanese. My peeps are freaks!

Great BIP package and video!

dogfacedgremlin said...

Baseball card porn. What will they think of next?

Greg Zakwin said...

Well, that was mildly arousing.

Yeah, I'm just going to go with mildly.


Scott Crawford said...

You're right. That's officially the best Bipping ever. How are any of us going to compete with that? It punched a hole in the fabric of Bipping. Short of having Bip Roberts himself show up at someone's house with Rusty Kuntz, Dick Pole, Pete LaCock, Stubby Clapp and a bunch of naked women, nothing else can ever compete.

Good show!

(Man, I wish I got that particular Bipping.)

Scott Crawford said...

Two other things:

1. What's the significance of Dave Gallagher being in there?

2. This: Rusty Kuntz's Pants.

Thorzul said...

The Dave Gallagher is a bit of meta-commentary for the advanced reader to enjoy.

Ryan G said...

How does one get that many old Rusty Kuntzs in the same place without opening a brothel or Bed Bath and Beyond?

That was awesome.

dayf said...


That is the Tsar Bomba of Bippings.

Is that video available on Blu-Ray?

Community Gum said...

Truly Biptacular.

I watched The Peanut Butter Solution maybe 400 times on the Disney Channel as a kid. I wondered why they all said words like, "sorry" and, "about" all funny-like. I realized much later, of course, that they were Canadian. I loved it. Right up there with Fuzzbucket and the one about the magic paintbrush (the title of which I've long forgotten). -Andy

GCA said...

Anyone who's still collecting 1981 Donruss White Sox is SCREWED... said...

That is a solid bipping right there.