Monday, June 13, 2011

June Group Break Randomization

I decided to take the Twins to occupy the final slot in the break. Maybe a nice card will come my way, and since I'm on my way up to Minnesota in a couple of weeks, perhaps I can sell it along the way. Wishful thinking, right?

With all 15 slots accounted for, I ran the participants' names through the randomizer and came out with this:

As a result, this is our preliminary list. Trading is allowed within the comments section and encouraged. Or at least it's not frowned upon. Trading will be open until Tuesday night (specifically, kickoff of the USA-Guadeloupe Gold Cup Group C soccer match).
1. Angels - Tim
2. Athletics - hiflew
3. Rangers - Alex
4. Mariners - Chris Mays
5. White Sox - Tim
6. Indians - IkesCards
7. Royals - Teddy Dziuba (traded to hiflew)
8. Twins - Thorzul
9. Tigers - Thorzul
10. Red Sox - Teddy Dziuba
11. Yankees - BS
12. Blue Jays - DaVe
13. Orioles - Beardy
14. Rays - Tim
15. Cubs - Tim
16. Cardinals - IkesCards
17. Brewers - Thorzul
18. Pirates - hiflew
19. Astros - Ernest
20. Reds - Alex
21. Padres - BS
22. Diamondbacks - hiflew (traded to Teddy Dziuba)
23. Dodgers - Ernest
24. Giants - Beardy (traded to Thorzul)
25. Rockies - hiflew
26. Braves - Chris Mays
27. Nationals/Expos - Thorzul (traded to Beardy)
28. Mets - BS
29. Phillies - BS
30. Marlins - DaVe

Good luck!


hiflew said...

Teddy Dziuba, any interest in trading the Royals for the Diamondbacks?

Teddy Dziuba said...

I'd like to trade for the Mets if possible...BS - do the Royals or DBacks interest you at all?

Teddy Dziuba said...

On second thought, I'll take a shot at a Steven Drew auto. Thorzul - please swap Royals/DBacks for hiflew and I. Thanks bud

hiflew said...

Thank you Teddy. I always seems to get the DBacks here and they usually do well, but they are my team's chief rival...I don't want them lol.

Thorzul said...

Trading is officially closed.

beardy said...

Thorzul, any interest in Giants for Nats?

WV: coontope

That is some racist ass shit Blogger!

Thorzul said...

OK, I'll give you the Nats for your Giants.

Annnnnnnnnd, NOW trading is closed.