Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So It Took Me Until the Last Day to Show This...

The picture below is one I took a few months ago when I had to stay late for parent-teacher conferences. It was taken by a shitty cell phone camera while sitting at my desk. I did a post about two years ago that showed the view of the roof of Miller Park when I took my class to the library. I moved classrooms at the start of this year, and I can literally (and I use that word correctly) see Miller Park while I'm sitting at my desk.

The glow you see is from the lights. For some reason, the lights were on that evening.

Sadly, today is my last day of school at this location. I still have a job, but I am being what is called "excessed." My school lost an important class size-reduction grant and no longer has the money to pay for me and about ten other teachers. I will end up at some other school next year, probably bumping somebody with less seniority than me.



Republicans in the state of Wisconsin are responsible for what will be a monumental collapse of public education as we know it. The city of Milwaukee will be hit hardest of all as classroom sizes race towards 40 or even 50 students.

If you are a Republican voter, fuck you, I don't want you reading this blog. On second thought, read for a few more seconds. If you are a Republican and you make less than $10 million a year, other Republicans are coming after you. If you are gay, a woman, a non-Protestant, a child, a black person, a brown person, a non-English speaker, an illegal alien, a legal alien, you will not have a place in Republican America. It's not too late. Use your vote to select a candidate from any party more open to the innate differences between human beings than the one consolidating power in states all across this country.

Or, just ignore this and keep helping the rich get richer... at your expense.


A2 Wolverine said...

Amen brother! Hopefully people realize the mistakes they made not only in Wisconsin, but also Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, etc...

Chris Mays said...
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Chris Mays said...

Hate to hear this dude. When things like this can happen in Wisconsin, I shudder to think how far they'll go in Georgia.

My wife teaches Special Ed and so far, she and the teachers at her school have been spared layoffs for the most part, but they have been hit with a number of furlough days that have cut a serious portion out of their income. The treatment of the para-professionals borders on outrageous. Most of them would be better off working part time at a McDonalds. I look for them to cut three or more weeks off the school year soon. After all, there are like three weeks after the CRCT exam, and since the Republican businessmen have determined that the test is the one and only reason for education, why continue the school year after it has been taken?

It doesn't appear to have occurred to my fellow Georgians that the reason we rank 48th - 50th in most education metrics is because this state is run by a bunch of stupid fucking Republican morons.

Fuck Republicans indeed.

Posts like this Thorzul are why I will continue to participate in your group breaks -- even if dayf, Colbey or Derek manage to snake the Braves away from me!

Doc said...

Try living in and working for the great state of North Republicarolina.

We're now 50th in education spending per pupil. 50 out of 50, that's like batting a 1.000 if you believe in Republicarithmetic.

caljr3000 said...

Sorry to hear it, dude, that blows. Our new asshat governor here in Michigan just took a massive dump all over higher education, because if there's one thing we need less of in this state, it's intelligent people. Apparently a new bridge is more important right now.
Although it's for all the wrong reasons, I hope your new school situation works out.

Bo said...

Don't forget about "independents" like Michael Bloomberg. NYC teachers go through the same garbage. Have your politicians had the great idea to hire a businessperson as schools chancellor to "run our schools like a business" like in NY? If not yet, then boy are you in for a treat.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Friends getting laid-off, hours cut, benefits cut,etc. blows. Sorry man.
I hate political discussions. They often get twisted in odd ways.
My two cents; Government waste is a huge problem. Spending on education is not a waste of taxpayers money. Education spending should be one of the last things cut. If we were not wasting billions a week in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere, we could do a lot of good at home. With that said, I don't see how 'we' as a country can keep on spending the way we have been for many decades. Something has got to give.
My family runs a small sewing machine company. We employ 10 people. We are the epitome of a small business. We are not getting rich by any means, but we pay the bills. Each week when we have to cut checks to the State of Michigan, the IRS, and the City of Wyoming, for business taxes, it really hurts. We pay a shit-load in taxes. It pisses me off when hard working legitimate businesses like ours can barely make a profit because we are getting the hell beat out of us in taxes.
Bottom line for me... we all pay way to much in taxes to support bullshit social programs in America. I said BS programs.
That's all for now.

Thorzul said...

While I can't buy the six of you guys a beer, I would like to send you something nice for the sentiment. Let me know what or who you collect, and I'll get together a little care package for you.

the sewingmachineguy said...

I would love to bend an elbow with you sometime. Maybe in Chi-Town during the National?

beardy said...

Is Idiocracy coming true? That is total shenanigans dude, but I'm glad you're at least able to keep a job, even if it is at the expense of another teacher. We all know the government is full of rich assholes (regardless of party). It's fine that they're assholes, my main problem is with them being rich. Rich people in general do not understand what it's like to be a regular American, and have no interest in representing what us commoners actually care about.

All they want to do is make money. I'm lucky enough to live in a pretty Democratic state, and they're still a bunch of corrupt jabroni assholes who can't get anything right.

Fuck em all! I want to see a statement of what my individual tax dollars are spent on.

Itemized too bitches!

Oh, and another thing. Just fucking legalize it already!

dayf said...

Ugh, sorry man. I was worried you'd get the axe with all the bullshit going on up in that state. Glad you have a job, sorry it's at the expense of others.

I know a bunch of teachers down here and some are looking for jobs now. At my son's school they had to let go of the librarian (which is a travesty) and the Spanish teacher to make their budget look good. Not meet the budget, to make it look good to the asshats in charge. Basically in this state it's mor important to spend resources hassling anyone who might look like an illegal immigrant, but if your kid wants to learn Spanish, you're SOL.

Good luck with the recall dude, I wish we could get rid of our resident crooks.

Beardy: Decriminalized in Connecticut. It's a start. Cards are legal in all 50 though so do those, kids...

Derek said...

Fuck that bullshit! I'm so sorry to hear about that, but again, like the others glad you'll keep a job. My wife is a teacher here in NC, and I am at least happy to say that our Governor vetoed the budget that the republican house and senate passed. However, they are overruling her veto, and thats the way the cookie will crumble anyway.

She teaches at the largest elementary school in our county and they cut down from two counselors to one, among other cuts that had to be made.

It is truly a shitty time for educators, and I hope and pray that people will come to their senses with their votes.

Cardsplitter said...

I live in Ohio. Our asshole was trying to give the legislature raises after getting SB5 passed, which is the same things as you guys face in Wisco, except it includes even more people.

I had to beg off an assignment that our governor was going to be at, because I wouldn't have been able to look him in the eye without spitting in it.

Republicans politicians are terrible people. This is not to be confused with conservatives in general, because (I guess) there are some ok ones, but the people elected to office with an R after their name are some of the worst human beings in the country, not to mention by and large criminals.

Play at the Plate said...

Hey Bill. Man that sucks. Teachers are getting the shaft all over this country. It's gone from sad to downright scary. I laughed a little at Beardy's Idiocracy reference, but it's really not funny. It's going down that road. Political parties aside, it's all about leadership and this country just doesn't have it. Regardless of your party affiliation or leaning, when you can't see ANY candidate that you can get behind, it's a bad deal. Like many of the commenters, my wife is a teacher (and I used to teach as well). In Texas all you used to hear about was the dire need for teachers...we don't have enough teachers...let's emergency certify people. Now they are letting go of so many teachers it's just scary. Best of luck to you next year...and the year after that and so on.

madding said...

At least you have the republicans to blame. I don't know what the hell our city's (Portland's) excuse is. We vote very liberal and yet our schools are LITERALLY falling apart and being condemned/shuttered/etc. That's not to mention the job situation and classroom size, which can't be good, especially when each class is probably trying to make do with a broken box of dollar store sidewalk chalk as their entire year's allotment of art supplies.

Corky said...

I saw the same situation in Washington, the school districts were so screwed they were doing what they could to deter people from trasnfering in to the district. The schools would request that parents purchase supplies and "donate" them to their children's classroom just so teachers could teach class. I gave my son's teacher a printer just so he could print out worksheets for the kids (he supplied his own paper too).

I am glad I am in Arizona now, the school district we are in now is amazing and rates quite high in teacher retention, test scores and graduation rates.

PunkRockPaint said...

My parents were both teachers. They taught me all you need to know about politics...

Republicans care about money. Democrats care about people.

It is, of course, a broad generalization, but...

The more I think about it the more I realize that republicans actually do care about people... rich people.

Sorry you have to put up with all the bullshit. I am almost glad I am unemployed... Almost.

- dw said...

I feel ya. Hang in there man.

SpastikMooss said...

Just came back to this post through a link on Too Many Grandersons. Didn't realize how linked all us bloggers were to crappy government spending, particularly in education. I'm graduating with an elementary special ed degree in a year (student teaching in 7 months). Prospects do not look good and they've been cutting teachers left and right here in Indiana. Good think I'm gtfo and going elsewhere. Where...that's the tricky part.