Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Topps Took My Idea!

Today I got my first look at the 2011 Allen & Ginter sell sheet. One of the insert cards pictured took me by surprise.

Last spring I made a list of ten possible subjects Topps should feature in an upcoming Allen & Ginter set. Russian mystic and advisor appeared on this list. This year he will appear in the mini insert set "The World's Most Mysterious Figures."

Offer me a job, Topps, and then you won't have to steal my ideas.


deal said...

Rasputin is definitely on my want list.

Mad Guru said...

Might just be a coincidence. When Topps starts Bipping collectors, then you'll know for sure they're stealing your ideas.

Milwaukee Southpaw said...

Definitely will have to get a copy of Rasputin. I went back and looked at your original list - one can only hope that they steal your Bill Watterson suggestion as well!!