Monday, June 20, 2011

Ummmm... Accept?

I have only two cards in my Diamond Giveaway account, one of which is a 1994 Walt Weiss. Is there any reason for me not to accept the trade pictured below?

Maybe I'm missing something here. Some sort of weekly contest involving multiple-player cards or something like that?

Oh, and when you search for "topps" on Google, the first thing that comes up in the predictive search is "topps diamond giveaway." Might that get more hits in a given day than the central Topps website? Considering how indispensable Topps' website is, what with... oh, never mind. They've updated their website recently.


Chris Harris said...

Topps must have bought '74 Lerrin LaGrow's by the pallet-load.

Play at the Plate said...

All depends on whether you'd have any of those shipped.

The Lost Collector said...

Early on, I accepted a lot of offers for multiple cards for one. Helped me build up a nice little bank of cards that I was able to turn into something better.