Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 100 Best Finds in a 30-Dollar Lot: #83

2009 Topps Ticket To Stardom Ticket To Stardom #TTS-12 Joey Votto

Sooooo... the name of the set and the name of the insert within that set are both Ticket To Stardom? That's just lazy and stupid. No wonder I bought one pack of that stuff and regretted it instantly. This reminds me of a guy who I went to high school with whose family tradition was to give the first-born son the family surname as his first name as well as his last name. Suffice it to say, it wasn't a normal last name, either.

I raise a glass to you, Votto Votto!

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Spankee said...

I think I've bought like a dozen of TTS packs from the Target value box because I keep convincing myself that the pack I got was just a bad pack and that the product is ok. The product is not ok.