Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 100 Best Finds in a 30-Dollar Lot: #85

2009 Upper Deck X #UDXJ-JU Justin Upton (Game-Used Jersey)

Upper Deck X, believe it or not, has shown up on this journey a few times, and I've stood behind the product just about every time. It got me to thinking: "Maybe it's the letter X people don't like." Well, it's time to put a stop to that.

Top 10 Uses of the Letter X
10. XX Chromosome - The mnemonic device I use to remember which pair designates male and which is female is as follows: The XX stands for two boobs, so female. And for the XY male, the bottom stroke of the Y is like a wiener hanging down. I am 32 years old.
9. Hillbilly Moonshine - Unlabeled earthenware jugs lead to first cousin marriages.
8. Professor X - The rare genius in the genre that uses his intellect for good. I wish he were a DC character.
7. Columbus Xoggz - Weirdest name for any soccer team (former second division USISL) anywhere. And this includes Finland's FC Honka.
6. Deer X-ing Next 15 Miles - Just a curveball with this one to make sure you're paying attention.
5. Tomax and Xamot - Twin brothers hired by evil Cobra. One gets hit, the other feels the pain. Sounds like a great Halloween costume in the making. Finishing each other's sentences without using the word "broseph."
4. Xander Berkeley - Veteran character actor who excels at playing good guys whom you just can't quite trust.
3. X-Play - I'm nowhere near a raging gamer, but I can tell you one thing: Morgan Webb getting that stupid haircut with the bangs is like shitting all over a birthday cake. In what universe is that considered attractive?
2. X-Files - "Fools... put my styles in the X-Files, next to the the erlenmeyer flask with the implant vials." You've know you've really made it as a TV series when you get mentioned in a Dr. Octagon rap.
1. X Minus One - Dramatized sci-fi radio program from the '50s. And all y'all thought porno would head the list!


Spankee said...

You forgot X-to-tha-Z Xzibit. Pimp My Ride anyone?

Sweet JUpton.

WV: pitsuc...hmmm, I'll pass.

Kevin said...

My suggestions:

-Xander Crews and the X-tacles. You a Frisky Dingo fan?

-Mr. X: One masked wrestling character, many identities.

dawgbones said...

X-files always was a favorite of mine, Scully was the bomb!!

So, is the Upton available? What would you take for it?

soot me an email: dawgbones (at) cox (dot) net