Saturday, July 23, 2011

1971-72 Topps Basketball Design Contest: The Runners-Up

First of all, let me give a big thank you to all of the people who participated in this contest. Each of the submissions, honestly, could have been used as the cover to my binder. The competition was stiff, however, and only one of you can walk away a winner. In no particular order, I present... the runners-up.

This one was the first entry I received, and probably the most high concept of the bunch. The image manipulation is very clever, but I think this was a little too dark to use as the cover. The idea of the title flowing endlessly through the lava lamp is intriguing, though. Great work!

Dang, I wish I could choose two! This one would look great on the binder. I always use plain white binders, and I think this hippie protestor and his flower power would look awesome. I've done a lot of protesting and sign holding since February, so I can really identify with this little guy.

The Diamond King
I like where this one's head's at. However, I wouldn't want to make my name the central focus of the image. I like the purple and the inclusion of the NBA logo. Not a bad attempt.

Here's another great attempt. When I originally conceived this idea, my brain was stuck on tie-dye. My idea just had the original black letters swapped out for tie-dye ones. This goes a step further and incorporates some of the Topps design elements. Excellent!

In a perfect world, all four of these are winners, but there can be only one. I'll be back later today to show off the grand prize entry. I just have to print it off and slip it in a binder cover first.

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Doc said...

Man, you failed to mention the dripping basketballs. I want 15 minutes of my life back.

I hope you got what you wanted, and I knew that the black background would be to dark, but I did offer to lighten up the image.

I had visions of Gwynn patches on my mind. Oh well, from one government worker to another... BTW, I probably have a sweet stack of 89 Bowman if you need them (based on your previous post).