Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage UPC Myth Debunked

Do those special UPC number packs at Target really hold more treasures than the rest? Let's see.

Well, the non-special UPC pack had a short print, and from the two special UPC packs I got one short print and one insert card. The sample size is small, but I do believe that Jaime Hyneman would call this one BUSTED (even though we didn't use a high-speed camera and an unsafe amount of TNT).

And, ummmmm, Johannes Kepler and shit.

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Chris Harris said...

I want to say that you and Mr. Hyneman are wrong, but the more I think about it... Topps Heritage suffers from the same insert bloat that has afflicted most Topps base brands. It's probably more difficult to find a pack WITHOUT an insert/SP/variation than with one.

Still, I've opened 11 "1849" packs and pulled 11 SPs/VARs/Inserts.

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