Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Abby Wambach Goal - Reverse Angle

I just ran across something that I felt the need to share. Someone recently posted a spectator-shot video of the conclusion of extra time in Sunday's thrilling Women's World Cup match between the United States and Brazil. Scrub ahead to about 5:00 if you don't have a lot of time. Great camera work, outstanding hi-def camera, and a great new perspective from the opposite side of the field. (In fact, you're probably better off watching it on the original page, since my blog tends to chop the right side off of most videos, depending on your platform.)

I must say that the coverage by this spectator was even better than the world/ESPN feed. From the moment Brazil loses possession deep in US territory, you can see much more of the field, and with that, the development of that final push to goal. Note Abby Wambach calling for the ball, and getting that crucial separation, long before Rapinoe makes the cross. Even the play close to midfield was harrowing. I can't tell who it was, but the job that player did just to get the ball to Rapinoe was outstanding.

Can't wait for tomorrow's game!


Jeremy said...

Cool. Nice find! It's interesting to see this unfold from the opposite angle.

Tony Brown said...

Also caught to EXCELLENT fist pumps by Rapinoe!