Monday, July 25, 2011


Before I get too far into the details behind CARDTEMBER, I must give credit where it's due. In addition to baseball cards, I also love watching (and collecting) movies. Horror is one of my favorite genres, and at some point last year, I stumbled upon the blog Final Girl. Like the baseball card blogging community, there is a plethora of horror blogs out there. Many of them are good, about as many are junk, and a select few are the cream of the crop. Final Girl is my very favorite of these blogs, thanks in no small part to her amazing SHOCKtober event last fall. Stacie, the brains behind Final Girl, asked her readers to send her a list of their 20 favorite horror movies. The goal: To determine once and for all what the best horror film is.

Sounds simple enough. Compile a list from the few responses that came in, then write about the top choices during the October lead-up to Halloween. After all, she reasoned (in tongue-in-cheek fashion), "There are only, like, 62 horror movies altogether so no sweat."

As it turned out, the response was overwhelming and fantastically diverse. The short list of 62 ballooned to a master list of 732 movies. That left little time for in-depth analysis, but in the wake of this monster, a massive communal font of horror goodness was created.

So that's the background, now let me describe the MMOBPE (Massively Multiplayer Online Blog Post Event) that from now until the end of time shall be known as...
The premise is really simple, actually. All I need you to do is email me a list of your 20 favorite baseball cards of all-time. When you do this, be as specific as you can get, because if there's a card that cannot be identified, I'm just going to throw out that choice. For example, "1982 Ripken" will probably not be counted, whereas "1982 Fleer #176 Cal Ripken" would be accepted. Those card numbers are important, folks. Basically, that's all you have to do.

To head any questions off at the pass, I've decided to make this assignment as ambiguous as possible. Your 20 favorite cards could mean just the ones in your collection, the cards you wish you could own, the 20 favorite from your hometown team, the 20 silliest cards, your 20 most valuable cards, whatever you want it to mean.

A few pointers:
* When in doubt, include a scan. If you have a favorite card on your list numbered to 10, I'm probably not going to be able to find an image on the web, so send one along with your list. I won't be including an image for every card, but having a stockpile would be nice.
* Take your time. This list will be in digital print forever, so don't be too hasty. If you realize that you forgot to put 1975 Topps George Brett on your list after you've sent it to me, too bad.
* Dig deep. Don't be afraid to stray off the beaten path a little. If you used to like a card, but now you're sick of it because you've seen it reprinted in a Topps set for five consecutive years, maybe think twice about including that one.
* Respect history. This piece of advice is directly contradictory to the point above, but heed both. Some cards are so good that you can't get tired of them. If you want to include a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle, don't let me talk you out of it.
* Adhere to deadlines. You have exactly five weeks to get your list to me. That means I need them by the end of the day on Monday, August 29th.
* Don't be a jackass. A list of 20 Garbage Pail Kids, as cool as they were, will not crack the master list. And don't send a list with more than 20 cards. Make the tough decision so you can avoid sending me a list with #20a and #20b. I will just be taking the first 20 cards from any list submitted, so don't bother.

And there you have it, the guidelines for CARDTEMBER (always to be written in CAPS). I look forward to your submissions, and I can't wait until its September commencement. I would appreciate it if you would publicize this event on your blog (if you have one). Really, a link once in a while between now and the deadline would be nice.
Here is the email address to send your lists to:
Oh, and when you email me your list, include screen name information and blog links so I can credit you if necessary. And title your email "CARDTEMBER."

Also, devote some time to Stacie Ponder's SHOCKtober 2010. Beware, it's many, many posts deep, but well worth exploring. I guarantee you will discover something new if you're a horror fan. Mine was Night of the Creeps, which I had somehow missed seeing until last year.


SpastikMooss said...

Final Girl is added to the blogroll. I've never seen The Descent, so I guess I'm all over that one!

And I like the twist on her idea - I'll send you a list one of these days!

The Diamond King said...

I love the idea. I'll send you a list soon and give a little pub on my little blog from time to time. Here's the 1st one