Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Group Break: 2005 Topps Pristine Legends

This box was a lot better than the first one. I can see myself buying one of these for myself in the near future.

Ron Darling AUTO

Marilyn Monroe Celebrity Threads
This was the non-sport card I referred to earlier. The feedback was mostly wishy-washy, asking me to make the decision. So, I'm going with my gut, and the uncirculated cards are not going to be considered hits. In retrospect, this might be a case of much ado about nothing, since it only adds one participant to the lottery for the Marilyn card. This will be coming in a future post.

Goose Gossage Title Threads Jersey

Tim Raines Leading Indicators Jersey

Tony Gwynn Leading Indicators Jersey
Horrible subset name for a great looking pair of cards, I'd say.

Yaz Bat

The Uncirculated Cards (All #/549 except Incaviglia, 156/199)

Gaylord Perry Box Topper (33/65)

The College Years Subset (#/1999)

Bo Jackson The Early Years (022/499)

That's it. Stay tuned for your chance to get a piece of Marilyn Monroe's dress.


beardy said...

Someone can have my Rock Raines if it means I get a shot at the Monroe. I've been wanting either that card, or the Elvis for quite a while now.

If not, congrats to whoever lands it. She's a real beaut (I'm not talking about the card either).

Word Verification = conte

Balco anyone?

Thorzul said...

Okay, I'll throw that possibility out there.

As it stands, these participants will be eligible for the Monroe lottery:

If any of you want to trade beardy your lottery spot for his Tim Raines card, let us know.

Doc said...

Is the Gwynn card on the table?

hiflew said...

I'll trade my spot for the Raines. I have no interest in celebrity hits.

hiflew said...

Oh and BTW, who gets the college years cards? The team they are most known for or is there a major league team listed on the back?

Finally, allow to bitch a bit about Duke Snider being included as a Met. I am about as far from a Dodger fan as I could be, but he is a Dodger.

hiflew said...

Never mind I asked before I watched the video.

Thorzul said...

Doc, you can make me an offer for the Gwynn.

And beardy is now in the lottery, and the Raines card goes to hiflew.

beardy said...

Thanks hiflew. Odds are I come up empty, but enjoy the Raines!

Colbey said...

Ouch...shut out again! Maybe the odds will finally fall in my favor and I'll walk away w/ the Monroe card!