Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Group Break Ramdomization

This break failed to fill up, but it will take place as I am picking up the remaining slots. You can check out the 15 choices we all made on the original group break post. There are also a couple participants who need to pay for their slot. The boxes have been ordered and should arrive early next week. I have just randomized the names of the participants for the remaining slots.

The preliminary team list looks like this:
1. Angels - IkesCards
2. Athletics - Thorzul
3. Rangers - Colbey
4. Mariners - Alex
5. White Sox - Thorzul
6. Indians - Dave
7. Royals - Thorzul
8. Twins - Thorzul
9. Tigers - Thorzul
10. Red Sox - Thorzul
11. Yankees - Retrofan
12. Blue Jays - Dave
13. Orioles - beardy
14. Rays - Thorzul
15. Cubs - Thorzul
16. Cardinals - IkesCards
17. Brewers - Thorzul
18. Pirates - hiflew (Traded to Retrofan)
19. Astros - Thorzul
20. Reds - Alex
21. Padres - Thorzul
22. Diamondbacks - BS
23. Dodgers - hiflew
24. Giants - Thorzul
25. Rockies - Retrofan (Traded to hiflew)
26. Braves - Colbey
27. Nationals/Expos - beardy
28. Mets - Thorzul
29. Phillies - BS
30. Marlins - Thorzul

Feel free to arrange a trade in the comments. You probably have until Monday morning to do so. Good luck!


hiflew said...

Retrofan...Pirates for Rockies?

beardy said...

The 'Spos/Nats spot is available if anyone wants it. Make me an offer I can't refuse, which in this case, would be most any offer.

Thorzul, I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a group break slot today. In other words, I will pay you tomorrow.

Colbey said...

FYI, payment sent. I'm loving I got "stuck" w/ the Rangers. Now pull me a nice Josh Hamilton card please!

Retrofan said...

hiflew it's a done deal.

Retrofan said...

So I have a question regarding combo cards. I was looking at the triple threads and saw that some have two from one team and one from another. If someone in the group has the team with two players on the card, do they get it outright, or is there still a randomization?

Thorzul said...

Good question. If a 2/1 card is pulled (or something similar), I will randomize a list of two names for the person whose team appears on the card twice, and one name for the other team. It's hard to explain, but if your team has two players out of three on a card, you have a 2/3 chance of getting it. The other team has a 1/3 chance.