Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Consensus Requested

Alright... I received the boxes for the July group break this afternoon. They have been busted and recorded.

Here's the deal. In one of the boxes we hit a very nice non-sport card, which, of course, was not assigned to any slot. I had stated in the comments that non-MLB cards would be randomed off among any participants who did not receive a hit. As per usual, there are some participants who did hit a relic or auto, and some who did not. Here's where I would like some input. Should we consider the uncirculated Pristine cards hits?

Before you respond, let me disclose this: I did receive at least one hit, so I am not eligible to receive this card. (With the number of teams I had to pick up, it was almost statistically impossible for me not to pull a relic or auto.)

Here are what I would consider "hits.":
*Triple Threads Relic (1)
*Triple Threads AUTO Relic (1)
*Pristine Relic (5)
*Pristine AUTO (1)

The question is, do we add to these the five (5) uncirculated Pristine cards? I'd like this to be as fair as possible, so I'm giving all participants the chance to give some input. Remember, depending on what your teams received, you could be putting yourself in a position to be in the drawing for the non-sport card, you could already be in that position but could add more eligible participants, or you could be taking yourself out of the running for the card. You have tonight to state your opinion on this, and I will go with what the majority decides. Only participants in the July break will have their opinions considered.

For what it's worth, this is not a life-changing card. It will not make the recipient rich, but it would be nice to have.


hiflew said...

I say count them. That way more people will get SOMETHING. I have walked away from a break a BIG winner and a BIG loser. I like the nice in- between "socialist" type break where no one is too happy or too sad...everyone is content.

beardy said...
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beardy said...

They're just refractors. Would you count a regular refractor as a hit in any other group break? If so, then count them.

IkesCards said...

I'm confused. Is it one card or five?

Thorzul said...

There is one non-MLB card that will be auctioned, and I'm asking if we should consider the five uncirculated cards to be considered hits.

IkesCards said...

Got it. I agree with beardy. Only count them as hits if you would normally.

Retrofan said...

I don't consider refractors as hits usually, but the nature of this set, I suppose I would.