Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Is Not the Way to List a Relatively Valuable Card On eBay

Yesterday, a pretty great Robin Yount card arrived at my house, which I had won on eBay. It was one of those occurrences where the seller had no idea what he or she actually possessed, and thus failed to properly market the card. I photographed it, which is what you can see below.

That's an Artist's Proof card from a set I'm currently building, 2003 Topps Gallery Hall of Fame. Every card in this set has a base version, an SP version featuring a slightly different picture, and an Artist's Proof, which is a refractory version of the base card. Every card also has one more parallel, a shiny Artist's Proof version of the SP. Regular SPs come at an insertion rate of a little less than one-per-pack, while Artist's Proof SPs come only one-per-box.

The Yount base card (and regular Artist's Proof) has a guy (pretty much certainly a California Angel) standing in the dugout behind him, just to the left of Robin's powerful right thigh. On the SP version, this unnamed background figure is absent. Scroll back up and look at the picture again if you need to.

Yep, that's the SP version of the Artist's Proof. One-per-box, hard as hell to find, doubly difficult if you're looking for a specific player. There are no Younts to be found in this style anywhere, and there are very few Artist's Proof SPs listed, either. Here's a link to a Nolan Ryan example, and another one. Both of these sellers know exactly what they have, the SP version with Nolan wearing blue sleeves and using a black glove, not the common version with red sleeves and a brown glove.
Then there's this seller, who may not know what he or she has. A price of $6.99 might be a bit high for a common AP, but they have the SP one pictured. I'm a bit skeptical that they actually have three copies of this rare card. If I were a Nolan Ryan collector, I'd jump all over this card at that price, with the caveat of making sure that it's the red-sleeved version the seller is going to send you.

OK, so I have this relatively rare and valuable Robin Yount card I bought on eBay; how does the title of this post ft in? To answer that question, take a look at the screen shot I took of the auction in its final hour.


While it's possible to oversell some of your wares, it's an even bigger cardinal sin to undersell your eBay auctions. No "Gallery," no "Artsit's Proof," no "SP." This seller had no idea what they had, and even less of an idea of how to advertise their card. That lone bid stood, and they let what is roughly a $25-30 card get away for less than four dollars.

By the way, I opened another box of this a few weeks ago, and I pretty much killed it again. It will most certainly appear on my year-end best pulls list.


Jay said...

I had no Idea you were into 03 G man.. Let me rummage for you.. I ripped a lot of it..

I will get back to ya.

Thorzul said...

Yeah, I have a want list up for that set. Let me know what you need, too. In my last box I got a ton of doubles on the SP variations as well as quite a few APs. You can have first crack at them.