Friday, July 29, 2011

Topps Diamond Die-Cut Request

Since I last wrote on the topic, I was able to turn my Topps Diamond Die-Cut Clayton Kershaw into Tommy Hanson, which in turn got turned into a Yovani Gallardo Die-Cut.
Later, I bought a few more packs at Target and with a code card I redeemed a Clay Buchholz Die-Cut.
My ultimate goal is to turn this into a Ryan Braun or Prince Fielder Die-Cut. A few days have gone by since I began my trade requests, and so far no one has bit.

I have, however, received a bunch of trade requests for the Buchholz. I was figuring, if you have either the Fielder or the Braun in your account but you don't want the Buchholz, maybe you like one of the guys I'm being offered. If you can guarantee me you have Braun or Fielder, and you want any of the following players, let me know. I'll trade for that guy you want, and then you can trade me the Brewer.

Here are the cards currently being offered to me.
Josh Johnson - Marlins
Ricky Romero - Blue Jays
Neftali Feliz - Rangers
Alex Rios - White Sox
Probably a shot in the dark, but you never know.


Tom said...

Initializing a three way trade... Nice idea.

It can take a little work, but you might be able to swing the deal by making multiple trades.

You can search "All Offers" on the trade page and narrow it down to Fielder of Braun for the year 2011. Then, you can kind of work backwards knowing what will take to get such a card.

For instance: I did a quick search and found that you can get Fielder if you have any one of the following diamond cuts:
Longoria, Strasburg, Freeman, Pujols, ARod, Lincecum, Ichiro, Halladay, Reyes, Maris, Mantle, Ruth, Banks, Koufax, Yaz, or Jackie Robinson.

Maybe you could turn that Buchholz into a Freeman and then Freeman into Fielder?

I've been collecting Cubs and this method has worked twice for me.

Good Luck!

Tom said...

I did a little research, and it seems as though you be trying to trade into the next tier of talent.

Besides the four you listed in your post the Buchholz could net you J.Cueto, V.Wells, M.Reynolds, H.Kendrick, T.Hunter, M.Young, B.Matusz, Y.Escobar, M.Byrd, S.Drew, B.Morrow, D.Haren, J.Soria, B.Anderson, K.Johnson, F.Carmona, C.Ruiz, or D. Hudson.

Unfortunately, going off of trade requests right now, that's as good as it gets. I guess it is much easier to trade for under-performing Cubs than on-the-rise Brew Crew.

I'd wait a week and check the boards again.