Wednesday, July 13, 2011

zoolBay #7 - Football Lot

The next item up for bid is a lot of 76 recently produced football cards. During the Packers' outstanding run to the Super Bowl, I broke form and bought a few random packs of football cards just to get Packers. It didn't go particularly well, and now I just want to clear up some space.

The mess of cards pictured above includes one each of the following packs:
2009 Upper Deck SP Threads
2009 UD Philadelphia (2 packs)
2010 Absolute Memorabilia
2009 Topps Magic
2010 Panini Gridiron Gear
2009 Press Pass
2007 Topps
2009 Upper Deck

If you look closely, you an see a Peyton Manning insert, a 2003 Fiesta Bowl card in the Magic pack, a Carson Palmer 3D Stars insert, and a pair of serial numbered cards. Up at the top of the picture is a Vernon Davis parallel with a letter "O" on it (#248/250) and a Julius Peppers die-cut parallel from 2008 Icons (08/75). The Icons card came from some other time, but I'm including it to sweeten the pot.

Bidding shall begin at $6.00 and rise in 50-cent increments thereafter. Bidding ends 24 hours from the the time this post was posted. As usual, if these cards go unsold, they will end up on eBay for a somewhat greater starting price. If you have any questions about the content of this lot, let me know.

Happy bidding!

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