Friday, August 12, 2011

August Group Break: Angels & Dodgers

♪ ♫In the city... city of Compton... we keep it rockin'... we keep it rockin'.♪ ♫

Two teams, one city. Can anyone tell me what the different vibes are for the Angels and Dodgers in Los Angeles? Is one fan base more blue collar than the other? Does one team get more media love?

Team: Angels
Buyer: Tim
Cards of Interest: Not a lot going on here, but then again, maybe I'm not looking that hard.
2010 Topps Chrome #56 Kendry(s) Morales Purple Refractor (219/599)
So he went for years without insisting that any baseball outlet spell his name right?

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter #328 Jered Weaver Mini
Absolutely mowing them down this year. That's going to be a fun race to keep an eye on in the AL West.

1990 Midwest Collectables #11 Les Haffner
This is one of the cheapest cards I have ever held. The stock is comparable to an index card, it features a guy who never made it past single-A, and its width is about a half a centimeter too narrow. Still, I'm sure there's an Angels completist who has this on a want list somethere.

Team: Dodgers
Buyer: BS
Cards of Interest: A nice team to pick up at random, probably good for a few good hits in a break like this. Odd they went unclaimed.
2011 Topps Chrome Legends #MBC2 Jackie Robinson
Another one of these from one of those Wal-Mart boxes. The only one that didn't pop up was the Babe Ruth.

Mysterious Wrapper
This arrived already opened. So who's inside?

2010 Topps Legends Platinum Chrome Refractor #PC2 Jackie Robinson
Another Jackie. This Dodgers lot keeps getting better.

1972 Topps #437 Maury Wills
Very cool card.

1972 Topps #198 Dodgers Rookie Stars
Not quite as cool, but still a Hough Puff rookie.

Up next: Earthquake!


Ryan G said...

From my observations, the Angels fans are more polite. They really aren't LA people, they're OC people. The real Dodger fans are more devoted though, it seems. The problem with LA is there are a lot of bad people going to the games, which I felt more before and after the game than during. The Angels have the typical suburban "just here as a social gathering" type of feel - the same feel I get at a Giants game.

That doesn't mean that any of those teams don't have great, devoted fans. I'm stereotyping here.

Cheap Card Collecting said...

Does earthquake mean A's and Giants?
I'm getting excited! If I'm totally missing some reference to something else I'm too tired haha.