Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Group Break: Astros & Rangers

All Texas, all the time.

Team: Astros
Buyer: The Diamond King
Cards of Interest: Despite this club's complete fire sale in July, you are still able to acquire Houston Astros cards from a variety of sources.
2010 Topps Chrome #121 Roy Oswalt Orange Refractor and Purple Refractor (348/599)
This guy became Not An Astro a bit earlier than a bunch of other guys became Not Astros.

2011 Topps Heritage #C53 Chris Johnson Chrome (0484/1962)
This year's Heritage chromes are somewhat underwhelming, no?

Team: Rangers
Buyer: Zpop
Cards of Interest: In a relatively short amount of time, the Texas Rangers have gone from being a group break garbage dump into a respectable pickup.
1974 Topps Rangers Checklist
Some pretty good identifiable names on this one. I can see Fergie Jenkins, Jeff Burroughs, and David Nelson. Nelson, known as "Davey" in these parts, is well-known in Milwaukee for his role as pre-game and post-game commentator for Brewers TV games on Fox Sports.

2010 Bowman Chrome #31 Elvis Andrus Refractor
Just so you know, there are lots of Bowman Chrome, base, and parallels I am not showing in these posts.

2010 Topps Chrome #108 Michael Young X-fractor

2011 Topps Heritage #471 Josh Hamilton All-Star (SP)

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