Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Group Break: Braves & Indians

Despite my extremely liberal tendencies, there's one leftist cause that my side needs to drop, and that's the Native American naming crusade. Professional teams have so far emerged unscathed, while the athletic teams of a variety of academic institutions both public and private have seen their nicknames get replaced, both forcibly and voluntarily, with more mundane fare. Marquette Gold, anyone? Thankfully, the Braves and Indians appear to be here to stay.

I was giving this topic some thought yesterday, and I came to a conclusion that I think would be hard to argue with. Let's say the Braves never left Milwaukee. Is there any doubt that, had they remained in this city until the present, they would have changed their name from the Braves to something else? Yet, ironically, having the team move to a southern location, where PC isn't nearly as rampant (to put it mildly) probably saved the franchise's nickname. Something to chew on.

Team: Braves
Buyer: Chris Mays
Cards of Interest: The Braves pile seemed a lot better when I was sorting cards than when I looked through it, post-sort. All in all, it's still a nice bunch of cards. And I discovered that the previous owner of this lot had a serious Zane Smith Man-Crush.
1969 Topps #79 Milt Pappas
You don't usually think of Pappas as a Brave. Check out this interesting story of Milt's connection to Roger Maris's 61 in '61.

2009 Obak #11 Jason Heyward Mini
This is a sweet card.

2011 Bowman's Best #BB15 Jason Heyward

2011 Bowman #72 Tim Hudson Green Parallel (297/450)

Team: Indians
Buyer: Jason
Cards of Interest: The repository of refractors continues with the Tribe.
2010 Topps Chrome #157 Grady Sizemore Orange Refractor

2008 Upper Deck X Xponential #X-CS C.C. Sabathia

1995 Fleer Ultra Hitting Machine #2 Albert Belle
Who can resist a good mid-1990s insert? A mangled mess of wires and circuitry provide the backdrop for a guy whose reputation cost him the 1995 MVP. This card is so '90s, I bet that if you stare at the background long enough, it turns into one of those Magic Eye pictures.

Up next: What are you talking aboot, eh?

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