Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Group Break: Brewers & Pirates

At last, the final posting of the August group break. As always, I chose the Brewers, and was randomly assigned the Pirates.

One of the first things I saw, because it was right at the top of the box, was this mysterious envelope. It's about the size of a post card. Let's see what's inside.

Hmm, what we have here is a 2004 Topps Total Rickie Weeks card, encased in a frame with a piece of "authentic jersey" framed at the bottom. I'm guessing this came from one of those Fairfield things where you're guaranteed a game-used card. The back sates that, "The enclosed piece of jersey was cut form an Authentic Jersey from the player pictured on the front. This Authentic Jersey was obtained from The Upper Deck Company." At the bottom is a logo for Vintage Sports Cards, with a big V that reminds me of Viacom's "V of Doom." (By the way, were you aware of the prominence of a phobia associated with closing logos from production companies of television shows? You've got loud, strange music, usually after a period of silence that accompanied the closing credits, the non-sequitir nature of the blast of sound, creepy, cheap-looking graphics... Stuff like that fascinates me.) This thing is a mess. The jersey is tattered, looking as if I was the one who cut out the swatch, and the Total card is glued in crookedly. There's also a little pop-out stand on the back like a real picture frame would have. As the only baseball jersey to emerge from this lot, I'm happy I got it, since it's a card only a Brewer fan could love.

I also got a few Yovani Gallardo cards I didn't have yet.
2010 Topps Opening Day #78 Yovani Gallardo

2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom #38 Yovani Gallardo

2007 Topps #404 Cory Hart Gold Parallel (1680/2007)
I already have one of these, but now the old one has a friend to sit next to in the binder.

This team produced one of the most interesting cards in the entire break.
1978 (?) Dover Reprint of 1933 DeLong #12 Harold (Pie) Traynor
Sure, it's not the real thing, but this is a cool reprint. Topps has even included a Jimmie Foxx and Lou Gehrig DeLong reprint in its CMG insert this year, and there's an Ichiro from 2007 as well. Great photo art! It looks like Traynor is a giant among men.

1963 Topps #122 Julio Gotay
You might remember this one from my Vintage 'Toons series. This Gotay is in better shape, so it's nice to be able to upgrade. Odd to get a double when I've got maybe five cards from the '63 set.

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter #??? Andrew McCutchen
Well, well, well... it wasn't until I sat down to type this up that I realized this was a no number parallel. I was just going to include this because I wanted to point out that McCutchen was awesome, but this makes it even better. I believe these are not serial numbered, but are limited to 50 copies each. More on McCutchen: I was listening to one of the Brewers/Pirates games this weekend, and Bob Uecker posited that McCutchen reminded him a a young Henry Aaron. That may be a bit speculative, but I do think he's going to turn into a major star. Whether he does it as a Pirate or on the East Coast is up for debate.

Thanks to all who participated in this break. I'll be back with something less labor-intensive in September.


Alex said...

Giant Pie looks like he going to drop a bomb on the 2nd baseman's head.

Retrofan said...

The A&G no number parallels are not limited to 50, that would be the Bazooka's numbered to 25. Still a $20 BV, not a bad find by any stretch.

(...Joe) said...

Thanks for the break dude!