Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Group Break: Cardinals & Royals

If it wasn't obvious enough, I chose this matchup in order to honor the 1985 World Series. We all know how that one ended... will the Cardinals get their revenge?

Team: Cardinals
Buyer: The Diamond King
Cards of Interest: Man, this may have been the best team to choose in this break. If you claim the Cards, the guy you want to see begins with "Poo" and ends with "Holes."
2010 Topps Chrome #32 Albert Pujols Orange Refractor, X-fractor, and Purple Refractor
Dude, taste the rainbow, and all that noise. One of these would have made the break for the DK, but three? Awesome!

It gets better. Watch.
2011 Topps 60 Years of Topps 1983 Ozzie Smith Original Back

But we're not done yet...
2011 Topps #44 Rogers Hornsby Legends SP
With a large stack of cards left to explore, The Diamond King has already made quite the score.

Team: Royals
Buyer: Tim
Cards of Interest: What can you say about the Royals? When will that winning season stop eluding them? Their last successful campaign came in 2003, but even an 83-79 record was only good enough for third place. I will stand up and cheer for them once they get over that hump. But for now, their cards mostly suck. The nest I could manage was a couple of guys not on the team any more. Maybe Tim will see something he likes in the pile.
2009 Upper Deck Generation Now #GN50 Zack Greinke

1988 Topps BIG #49 Bo Jackson
These cards are the collector's equivalent of sitting next to a guy pushing four bills on a transcontinental flight. Most teams are getting one or two of these, dinged corners and all from their unwieldy size.

More coming at you later.