Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Group Break: Diamondbacks & Rays

It's going to be all Upton, all the time for this one. Here are the two teams paired throughout eternity as 1998 rookie franchises.

Team: Diamondbacks
Buyer: Alex
Cards of Interest: Justin Upton appeared early and often as I sorted through the cards.
2010 Topps #145 and 2010 Topps Chrome #48 (x2)
Not amazing cards, but they set the table for what comes next.

2010 Topps Chrome #48 Justin Upton Orange Refractor
I didn't notice this until scanning, but what I thought were identical photos are actually slightly different. The regular Topps card is cropped a little tighter than the Chromies.

2006 Fleer #134 Shawn Green Graded 10
I'll bet you were waiting for one of these. No collection is complete without a Gem Mint Shawn Green.

Team: Rays
Buyer: BS
Cards of Interest: Will we find as many B.J. Uptons?
2009 Topps Chrome #47 Evan Longoria Refractor

2011 Topps Blue Diamond #BDW9 David Price
The blue coloration looks great with a Rays jersey as the subject. This card has a dinged corner on the back. Disappointing, but it sometimes happens when a bunch of cards are crammed into a box.

2009 Upper Deck X #88 B.J. Upton Die-Cut
There's Justin's brother. Good to see them together.

Up next: Between the Legs

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