Monday, August 15, 2011

August Group Break: Red Sox & Mets

"I'm making wise cracks in some night club. This guy was in game six."
-Jerry Seinfeld

Team: Red Sox
Buyer: shoeboxlegends
Cards of Interest: There were a ton of Red Sox cards here, as expected, but nothing really outstanding. That's OK, since shoeboxlegends has been claiming all the best non-MLB cards to make up for it.
1995 Fleer Ultra Strikeout King #2 Roger Clemens
Roger is surfing a large intestine or mitochondrion or some such thing.

2010 Topps Tales of the Game #TOG-13 Carlton Fisk

2010 Topps Turkey REd #TR142 Tris Speaker

Team: Mets
Buyer: (...Joe)
Cards of Interest: Like the '86 World Series, the Mets com up victorious.
1972 Topps #347 Tom Seaver Boyhood Photos of the Stars
Love to see the '72 Topps keep popping up.

1989 Fleer #38 Gregg Jefferies
Was there a kid alive in 1989 who wouldn't have stuck a shiv into his best friend while standing in the lunch line to get this card?

2008 Topps Chrome Dick Perez #WMDPC18 Jose Reyes Refractor

1979 Topps #197 Bob Apodaca
Former Brewers pitching coach. Interestingly enough, Bob got a 1979 card despite pitching in his last game in 1977.

2010 Topps Chrome #55 Jason Bay Refractor and X-fractor

Up next: Frank Robinson's Turf

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