Monday, August 15, 2011

August Group Break: Reds & Orioles

When someone mentions the name Frank Robinson, I'll bet that half of the people hearing it will think of the Reds, and the other half will think of the Orioles. Really out-of-touch people might think of the Indians, and stupid people will think of the New York Jets.

Team: Reds
Buyer: Alex
Cards of Interest: Pretty decent lot, I guess.
2010 Bowman Chrome Topps 100 #TPC11 Todd Frazier (085/999)

2008 Upper Deck Starquest #SQ-51 Ken Griffey, Jr. Common

2010 Topps Chrome #122 Jay Bruce X-fractor

2011 Topps #249 Aaron Harang Gold (1000/2011)
That's a pretty cool serial number.

Team: Orioles
Buyer: Kevin
Cards of Interest: I hope I get something good for my favorite team in the AL East.
2011 Bowman Bowman's Brightest #BBR19 Manny Machado
Is this guy the next in a long line of annual Baltimore saviors who will eventually propel the team to a 5th place finish? I hope he pans out.

1998 Pacific Omega #30 Eric Davis
This is a kitchen sink card. You've got etched foil, horizontal design, seam motif, double photo front, and epic name font. What a beautiful mess!

2010 Topps Chrome #213 Jake Arrieta Refractor and X-fractor

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1 comment:

Kevin said...

I've been waiting patiently for the O's, and it looks like it paid off! That's my first Manny Machado card, and the Pacific Omega are so-fugly-they're-awesome. If you think the base cards are a mess, you should see the parallels: red etched foil!