Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Group Break: White Sox & Cubs

We're doing the north side/south side thing with these two. Be careful you don't get caught in the crossfire.
Team: White Sox
Buyer: indianaland potch
Cards of Interest: The Sox didn't pull any great cards, but there are a couple worth showing.
1988 Pacific Eight Men Out #33 Buck can't sleep
I still haven't ever seen this movie. This is a bad trend with me and baseball movies. I didn't see The Natural until about three years ago, I've never seen Cobb or The Babe, and I finally saw The Sandlot when working as a camp counselor. You can make fun of me in the comments section.

2006 Upper Deck #566 Pablo Ozuna

Team: Cubs
Buyer: Tom
Cards of Interest: The march of the refractors continues with the Cubs.
2010 Topps Chrome #195 Starlin Castro X-fractor

2010 Bowman Chrome #BCP161 Justin Bour Purple Refractor (414/899)

2010 Bowman Chrome #66 Kosuke Fukudome Refractor

2011 Bowman #BP71 Evan Crawford

Oh, and there's this. 2006 Fleer #105 Michael Barrett Graded 10
Why you would get a card like this graded, I have no idea. If Tom can enjoy this, he's a better man than I am.

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Cheap Card Collecting said...

wtf to the Barrett haha. Is the lot looking better than the first one with the increased price?

Thorzul said...

I'd say this one is slightly better. Only one auto and one jersey card in this one, but a ton of refractors, more inserts overall, not as much junk wax. There's some vintage in here, but none of the teams that hit pre-1980 have been shown yet. There's a few surprises coming.

Tom said...

Bummer, I was hoping for some pre-1980's love.

And about the Barrett... yeah, well, um... yeah. It kind of leaves me searching for words.

The refractors are very choice. Saw Bour play in Peoria last year (single A) numerous times. Love the card!