Monday, August 8, 2011

August Group Break: Yankees & Rockies

Alright, I've finally gotten a spare moment. The group break cards have been sorted into teams, and I'm ready to show off a few of the most interesting cards that turned up of each club. I've decided to showcase a couple of teams in each post, and with this first one, I've decided to go with the tallest and shortest stacks. The Yankees, of course, had the most cards (over 100!), and the poor Rockies could only manage 32. Quality counts, though, not quantity, right? Let's get to it.

Team: Yankees
Buyer: BS
Cards of Interest: This didn't happen in my first monster lot, but there were a few graded cards in the box. Two of them happened to be Yankees. I'm not sure how reputable Global Authority is, but I guess 8 seems like an honest grade for each of these from 2007 Topps #UH214 Alex Rodriguez and #657 Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter Classic Combo. There were a couple more slabbed cards, so be on the lookout for them.

Here's a cool Mickey Mantle 2009 Topps Chrome X-fractor #7.

Another one, a 2011 Topps Mickey Mantle Refractor #MBC1. Is this from one of those variety boxes or something?

2009 Topps Chrome Refractor #98 Derek Jeter

This one's almost worth the $10 entry price in this break, 2010 Topps Chrome #144 Alex Rodriguez Orange Refractor.

Team: Rockies
Buyer: hiflew
Cards of Interest: Okay, that's enough of the Yankees. I'm sorry to say that the Rox had the fewest cards, but there were a few nice ones to be found.
2011 Bowman #142 Todd Helton Orange Parallel (141/250)

Not on the team anymore, but he did kick off a league-wide 6-no-hitter season last year, 2010 Topps Peak Performance #PP-108 Ubaldo Jimenez.

And finally a guy who makes you wonder if they teach cursive in the D.R., 2011 Bowman #BP46 Juan Nicasio

I'll be back as soon as I can with a few more random teams.


hiflew said...

No worries Thorzul...I am used to losing to the Yankees (and everyone else) in terms of # of cards per box. As long as I get a handful that I don't have, like the great Helton there, I am happy. Thanks for a great break.

beardy said...

RE: The orange A-Rod being almost worth the price of admission...

"That's just like Beckett's opinion, man."