Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CC: Another Brick In the Wall

On this journey, I sometimes get the feeling that each step forward takes me another step or two back. Such is the case when I found this card.

2009 Upper Deck #476 Gold Parallel (52/99)

I had no knowledge of gold foil parallels in 2009 Upper Deck. While this gets me one step closer to total completion, it also means that I have one more card to chase, the gold parallel of his regular base card, #212. The CC cards I am actively seeking are listed at the top of the sidebar. A handsome reward will be paid to anyone who can help me track one of these down.

Now, I would never actively seek out such things, but you have to admit it is kind of baller to get the serial number the same as his jersey number. It's no Michael Jordan numbered 23 out of 500, but it's still nice to have.

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GCA said...

It's these kind of rather obscure parallels etc. that make me crazy as a player collector. Another set list to scan for my players and decide whether to include them in want lists and make room in their binders or just catch them as I come across them. (It's only the half dozen newer PCs that I have their exhaustive lists pasted from Beckett. The rest I started with the basic base sets and easy inserts, and added Kelloggs and Hostess and the occasional oddball)