Monday, August 8, 2011

CLAIM IT #1: Hockey, Obama, and a Llama

Now that I've started sharing what we got in the group break, it's time to parcel out the cards that don't belong to any specific MLB team. Here's how it will work. Every so often, I will post about five non-MLB cards that came in the box. If you were in the August group break, you may claim one card from each post. I'll throw it in your team's pile and I'll make sure it gets to you with your cards. If no one claims a card, I'll just hold onto it, or, if it's a hockey card, I'll probably throw it away. Don't make me throw away pictures of Canadians.

Here's the first group. Remember, if you were in this month's break, you may claim ONE card in the comments. You will be eligible to claim another card in the next ClAIM IT post.

Rookie Class Jumbo Box Topper (?) - Jeff Carter
Parkhusrt Bryan Smolinski
Obak Wright Bros.
Obak Obama (This is a cool one, a Jefferson Memorial SP parallel.)
Allen & Ginter - Llama


hiflew said...

I'll take the Obama please

shoeboxlegends said...

I'll take the llama!

dawgbones said...

I know I'm not part of this break, but if no-one else claims it, I could find you something for the Jeff Carter, and I'd also like to find you something for Find #85 if it's available...

Retrofan said...

I'll take the jeff carter. I can't let you through out pictures of Canadians.

PS If it come down to this, add the remaining hockey to my pile.