Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CLAIM IT #2: Meb, Mario, and a Macaque

More non-MLB cards for the breakers to choose from. If you were in the August group break, you may choose ONE of the following cards in the comments.

Score Mario Lemieux

Ginter Meb Keflezighi

Ginter Macaque

Topps Julia & Ulysses S. Grant (Man, I bet he would have preferred a few more years of war so he could stay away from her. What a brute!)

Bowman Chrome Albert Almora (There were a few of these Team USA guys in the box. Most of them I could track down as being drafted by an MLB team, but some of them aren't affiliated yet. If I post someone whom you know is in one team's farm system now, let me know and it will go to the rightful owner regardless of who has claimed it.)


Anonymous said...

I feel really guilty since I did so well with the Yankees, but can I have the Macaque? Thanks so much.


Thorzul said...

It's yours, BS. First come, first serve.

hiflew said...

If I am still eligible to choose I would like the First Couples Grants. I am passively collecting the 2008 political inserts and this one of my favorites.

Thorzul said...

It's yours, hiflew.

To clarify, even if you selected a card from a previous post, you are eligible to select a card from each successive post.

Kevin said...

As a former distance runner, I'll claim Meb.

Mad Guru said...

Almora is not affiliated. He hasn't even been eligible for the draft yet as he will be starting his senior year in high school this year.

Alex said...


If I can get 2 I would also take the usa one.