Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CLAIM IT #8: Last One!

After this, I'm all outta cards from the August break, and I'll be ready to ship.

Upper Deck Netminders Vesa Toskala

Victory Drew Stafford

Obak Henry Chadwick (Invented the box score and the use of "K" to signify a strikeout.)

Topps Constitution Signers William Blount

Sportflics Rookie Records


shoeboxlegends said...

I'll go for the Obak Chadwick. Thanks for all the claim it cards!

hiflew said...

I'll take the Blount please. These CLAIM ITs took the sting out of being the worst team in the break. Thanks for that Thorzul.

Zpop said...

Can I get the sportflics?