Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Contest: The Fatty Boom-Batty

I just braved pre-Brewers/Cardinals traffic to hit up Target to grab a few odds and ends before the school year officially starts on Thursday. Through a series of fortunate events, I am finding myself in the same school I was excessed from last year, teaching the same grade level. Some mystery money was found to fund the return of the class size reduction program my school had lost, so now I'm in the middle of moving all of my stuff back in. I narrowly escaped teaching second grade at the Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language. This entire process, from guns blazing in Beijing, to hearing rumors of the return, to being back in my original school, all took about a week. These are the perils of teaching in a truly dysfunctional school district. Ni hao, bitches!

After busting a few hobby boxes earlier in August, my internal card budget will only allow for a few small purchases until September. At Target tonight, discouraged by the offerings, I decided to take a stupid chance. Yes, I bought a Fairfield 100-card jumbo pack.

The odds stated on the package tell me I have a 1:8 chance of hitting a memorabilia card. A sticker on the back also tells me to "look for" vintage cards (defined on the sticker as those from the '50s, '60s, and '70s), but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Here's the contest. Similar to one I held last year, to enter this contest, the first thing you have to do is pick a specific baseball player whom you think will appear in this pack. This has the potential for a multi-guesser tie, so here's how the tie will be broken. In addition to guessing a player, you also need to guess a team along with the number of cards you think that team will get.
Edit: You may not guess that a team has zero cards.

An example guess would look like this:
Steve Garvey
Pirates 6

If this pack contains a Steve Garvey card, then, and only then, will their tiebreaker guess of 6 Pirates cards be considered. If there's no Garvey, then the Pirates guess is meaningless.

The winning guesser will receive... all of the cards in this pack that I don't want. Yeah, not a great prize, but it's not a great pack. At least, it probably isn't. I will open it as soon as this publishes. You have until this time tomorrow to make your guess. Good luck!


Josh D. said...

Bret Saberhagen
Rays/Devil Rays 0

arpsmith said...

Tony Gwynn
Giants 5

Dan said...

Don Mattingly
Astros 4

Thorzul said...

I'll let Josh D.'s slide, but no more team guesses of zero.

Ryan H said...

Dante Bichette
Orioles 4

piratesfan731 said...

Wade Boggs
Cubs 3

Tom said...

Ken Caminiti
Rangers 3

Mad Guru said...

Les Straker
Padres 6

paulie3jobs said...

Tim Salmon
Mariners 5

Dustin said...

Will Clark
Tigers 7

The Lost Collector said...

Eric Davis
Brewers 4

BA Benny said...

Rickey Henderson
Mets 4

Alvin said...

Paul Molitor
Royals 3

mmmrhubarb said...

Dave Winfield
Twins 1

Zpop said...

Sandy Alomar Jr.

cardanathema said...

Bo Jackson
Dodgers 8

dawgbones said...

Steve Carlton and the Phillies by 9

Play at the Plate said...

Tom Henke

Rangers 6 cards.

- potch said...

Buddy Biancalana

Mariners 8

hiflew said...

Ozzie Smith
Yankees 12

Hackenbush said...

Bob Forsch Cubs 3

Kazi said...

Frank Thomas--Jays 1

Anonymous said...

Jim Thome
Red Sox - 6


Josh D. said...

I'll change mine up.
Bret Saberhagen
Pirates - 4

dominicfdny said...

Barry larkin
dodgers 3

Spiegel83 said...

Robin Yount
Dodgers 7

Matt F. said...

Jim Rice
Twins 3

Greg Zakwin said...

Orel Hershiser
Yankees 5

Sports Card Blog said...

Dwight Evans
Red Sox 7

Spankee said...

Damn, Matt took my guess of Jim Rice. I guess I'll have to go with

Ruben Sierra
Indians 4

Retrofan said...

George Brett
Astros 3

Matt said...

BJ Surhoff
Cardinals 4

Don said...

Jamie Moyer
Tigers 3

Bo said...

Wade Boggs
Yankees 4

arfmax said...

Eddie Murray
Philadelphia Phillies 3

night owl said...

Wow, 34 guesses for a repack rack pack. We've got problems.

Vinny Castilla
Padres 4

Axemanohio said...

Sandy Alomar
Blue Jays 10

deal said...

Dave Parker

Phillies 5

DQ my entry if I didn't follow the rules correctly - I have very bad adult ADD issues right now and have issues doing almost any reading at all.

Reivax said...

Tim Raines (if it's "Rock" does my one guess count? lol)

Angels 3

PunkRockPaint said...

John Smoltz

Mariners 4

Jeff Laws said...

Kazi beat me to Frank Thomas so I'll go with:

Greg Maddux
White Sox 3

Thorzul said...

The contest is closed. Preliminary results to follow.

William said...

I see we've already got Orel and BJ, so I'll guess someone whose glasses turns everyone on:

Vance Law
A's - 7

P.S. Missed deadline reprieve?