Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Fatty Boom-Batty: Preliminary Results

After a whopping 40-some guesses for this contest, the preliminary results are ready. Taking a shot in the dark can sometimes pay off, which five contestants are about to find out. In no particular order, here are the correct player guesses.

Player: Frank Thomas
Guessed By: Kazi
Cool card, I might end up keeping it, but probably not. If you were eight years old when this card came out, you might have done anything to have gotten it... maybe even admitted to liking a girl.

Player: Paul Molitor
Guessed By: Alvin
Kind of ballsy to pick a Brewer, but a good one came through. If I can't find this card, I'm keeping it.

Player: Dave Parker
Guessed By: deal
The guy with adult ADD makes a great guess. I'll bet he wasn't counting on Parker appearing as a Brewer, though.

Player: Rickey Henderson
Guessed By: BA Benny
Ames All Stars are some of the nicest looking mini-sets of the junkwax era, even this one with the bent corner.

Player: Will Clark
Guessed By: Dustin
The most astute guess of the bunch, Will Clark actually produced five cards in the jumbo pack.
Sure, four of them were the same card, but hey...

The next step is to check the team card guesses against the actual number of cards pulled by those teams. Final results will follow.

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Dhoff said...

How about that. Five Will Clarks. I could feel that MVP card echoing. ESP, man.