Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Mistake the Size of Mt. Elbert

Early on in the sorting process, I was setting aside all of the non-MLB cards in a separate pile. I must have been doing this too quickly, because I mistakenly threw in a card that actually belonged to one of the teams. Here it is.

2009 Bowman #SC-PD Pat Daugherty AUTO

Once I started posting the CLAIM IT cards, I realized that this one belonged to the Rockies. However, the Rocks were in the first pairing, so it was too late to include this card in their post. It's a little disappointing that this was the only autographed card in the lot, but that's the way it goes. Congratulations hiflew, you're getting the guy who scouted Matt Holliday.

1 comment:

hiflew said...

Awesome now I have 2 of that card. I picked the other up in a trade earlier this year. Still nice to pick up an auto from my team, even if it is the scout.