Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bitchin' Bookends

There's a trio of images that have been sitting on my desktop for more than a month now. The time has come to clear the way for something new and get these pics off my computer.

At some point in the summer, I purchased an exceptionally awesome card. It's the type of card that kicks your ass, then makes sure to phone your house and tell your parents about it. It's a card that pillages without raping. It's a card that would get into a psychic battle with Michael Ironside and actually emerge victorious. However, that card will have to wait until tomorrow.
Tonight, the story is about the bookends that came with it. "Bookends" is a term I came up with earlier this year, and which I have revisited once or twice since then. To the point, bookends are cards that are in some way attached to and surround a card that was the actual centerpiece of a mailed card transaction. Here are the bookends that were sitting on with side of the Card of Unquestioned Awesomeness.

A couple of 1993 Wild Card preview cards, Barry Foster and Rick Mirer
These two are not so great. Mirer missed playing in "The Game of the Century" in 1993, and Foster had two great years and then nothing. These cards are not the reason for this post.

1990 Pro Set Super Bowl XXV Super Bowl #145 Super Bowl Super Moment
This card is hard to name. Flipping it over and seeing the 1990 Pro Set motif threw me for a loop, since I believe I've seen just about every card in that set and didn't recognize this one.

As it turns out, it's from one of these sets. Go to any card show worth its salt, and you'll probably see a seller with a box of these for sale for $3 apiece. I'd imagine that better than 90% of these are still unopened. Shame, too, since it looks like a lot of effort went into it.

Finally, the real star of the bookend show.
1984 Fleer #352 Gaylord Perry
He doesn't need to vocalize it , but deep down you know Gaylord is calling you "Big Guy." He's the weird bachelor uncle in your family, and your only hope is to run and hide in the hamper before he asks you to pull his finger. He shows up at Thanksgiving with a different, boozy woman each year, but he insists the two of them sit with you and your cousins at the kids' table.

Gaylord Perry wants you to know how cool he is. This is a bookend that is almost, almost as great the the card it protected.

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