Sunday, September 18, 2011

Errors, Rockin' Robin, and Freaky White Girls

Leading with the moral before the story is even told is an unorthodox methodology. But today, however, I think it sets the stage for an interesting discovery.
The Moral of the Story: Always check out the backside.

Ordinarily, a 1987 Topps Robin Yount card would be a fairly lackluster topic for a blog post. If the casual reader has four or five of these lying around, I probably have around fifty of them, most obtained through osmosis. Nothing to see here, nothing to see.

Flip the card over, however, and we have something special on our hands. A printing mistake ended up giving this card the wrong bio and stat line on the reverse side. Instead of a Hall-of-Famer in the making, we have Allan Anderson, a Minnesota Twin with a career losing record. Evidently, this happened a awful lot with 1987 Topps. This particular error card is almost always for sale on eBay, but I decided not to pull the trigger until I found one with a reasonable shipping price. I'm guessing there are thousands of copies of this card out there. Not all of them are as miscut as this one, though.

This card arrived at my house in a plain white envelope. I initially thought it was flanked by bookends, but I was wrong. Instead, the Yount card came in this refractory, shiny penny sleeve that had an Ultra Pro logo in it. That in and of itself makes it an interesting storage and protection device. I have come across a few designer penny sleeves in my day, but they are few and far between. I'm guessing the market for these is the Pokemon-Magic-Yu-Gi-Oh! crowd, not sports enthusiasts. Let's follow the moral of the story and flip this thing over.

Okaaaaaaay, I guess these aren't just for kids. What in the heck do we have here? From the artist's signature, I can tell that this is an example of the work of pin-up and fantasy artist Monte Moore. The guy can draw boobs, but he must have run out of ink; that chick's top is two sizes too small for her.

So these are made by Ultra Pro. The questions remains, however: Why?


dayf said...

Underboob? On my Ultra-Pro??

It's more likely than you think...

(dear god why can't I stop thinking in internet memes)

Josh D. said...

Due to his lustrous 'stache, freaky white girls couldn't resist the siren song of Mr. Yount.