Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 HorrorFest #2

The march of the horror film continues as we near October 31st. The progress has been slow so far, but at the end of this week I officially go on paternity leave, so things should pick up soon. In the meantime, I've been able to view of pair of films that couldn't be more different.

#3 Friday the 13th (1980 - Sean S. Cunningham, dir.)

This is a film franchise I've never gotten that much into. Apart from this original film, and a small handful of the more recent sequels (Jason X, Freddy vs. Jason), I've largely ignored the series. It must stem from my youth, when a guy with a razor-knifed glove was infinitely cooler than a mute lummox in a hockey mask.
It's been a long time since I've seen Friday the 13th, but it still didn't surprise me to see Kevin Bacon as a horny camp counselor. His death is the coolest of the film, even though you kind of wish he could stick around a little while longer. The scare factor of this movie has long since dissipated, as audiences have come to expect the worst to happen to a bunch of teens camping out in the woods. I'm afraid there's nothing special about this movie, save for the ending, which really sets off some positive momentum for the franchise.

Boobs?: A couple. During a sex scene we are spared a glimpse, thank goodness, of Kevin Bacon's bacon.

#4 Terror Firmer (1999 - Lloyd Kaufman, dir.)

I should've known better, this being a Troma film and all, but this is not a horror show. The plot places the viewer in the middle of a low-budget, independent feature film production, with director Lloyd Kaufman playing... well... director Larry Benjamin. A motley crew of freaks and geeks populate the film set, which quickly becomes a troubled production as a mysterious stranger begins killing crew members in increasingly bizarre ways. We get to see Troma favorites like the Toxic Avenger and Sgt. Kabukiman in bit roles, seemingly as a reward to those of us who have faithfully viewed Kaufman's past films. This movie tackles strange subject matter like gender identity while managing to ramp up the gross-out factor to 9.5. Among the highlights are some breasts with implants getting blasted with a shotgun, a guy getting roasted with a knocked-over high intensity film light, and a crew member getting his legs severed as he's sandwiched between two truck bumpers. If you're into Troma films like Tromeo & Juliet, The Toxic Avenger, or Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, this is a must-see. If those don't tickle your pickle, then just make sure to run quickly in the opposite direction, since this will definitely offend you.

Boobs?: A metric ton.
Beware, though, as many of them are attached to rather large women. There's even as fair amount of wiener and man-ass, along with some full-frontal vag shots, including fake prosthetic that needs to be seen to be believed. Ron Jeremy even has a cameo in this film, a role that starts out sweet but becomes as deranged as the rest of the movie by the end.

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