Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 HorrorFest #3

This year's HorrorFest makes its first foray into Blu-ray with The Toolbox Murders. That's right, this one is another reader suggestion, this time by SpastikMooss.

#5 The Toolbox Murders (1978 - Dennis Donnelly, dir.)

The thing readers might want to know, especially if they have no actual plans for seeing this movie, is exactly what tools from the toolbox were used in the aforementioned murders. Without giving too much away, I've compiled a chronological list of murders, victims, and the tools used to murder them. This post will see the word "tool" in print at least seven hundred more times.

The Rundown:
1. Drunk woman thinking the killer is some sort of repairman -- Drill
2. "Perfect" woman (That's the word found in my very sparse notes, but I'm not remembering what that means. I watched this movie in parts and this was from a few nights ago. What about her was perfect, I don't recall. Her eyebrows, maybe?) -- Hammer
3. Neighborwoman -- Screwdriver (Although maybe an awl, can't be sure.)
4. Redhead playing with herself in the bathtub -- Nail Gun
5. Diet Pepsi fan -- No tool, was strangled/asphyxiated, but not really dead, just kidnapped and later held hostage.

Boobs?: Ummm, have you looked at the cover of the Blu-ray?

Apparently this movie was remade in 2004. I have no immediate plans for seeing it. The original was entertaining enough, though. I'd give it a lukewarm recommendation.

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Colbey said...

Uncanny timing as I have a mini review of the remake posting on my blog Sunday night. I haven't seen the original, but I plan on it at some point. Glad to know it's on BR.