Saturday, October 22, 2011

CC: Fiddy and Hundo

Not too long ago, a pair of parallels made it into my cart over at CheckOutMyCards. This may be the last time I acquire two CC Sabathia cards in one swoop.

2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic Gold Parallel #44 (31/50)

2008 Upper Deck Timeline Gold Parallel #242 (090/100)

The SPA is one of those Barely-a-Brewer issues with the team name on the front and the Brewers logo on the back, but yes, it counts.

I like the Brewers treatment UD gave CC in their Timeline set. However, I learned a valuable lesson from this purchase. YOU CANNOT ALWAYS TRUST UPPER DECK'S ONLINE CHECKLISTS. For the cards in the style of the 2004 Timeless Teams set, the online checklist lists gold parallels numbered to 25 and silver parallels numbered to 100. This is incorrect. The opposite is actually true, with the golds to 100 and the silvers to 25. (Awwwww, crap. This means I still have to chase the silver #/25 CC parallel. Back to the old Most Wanted list, I guess.) And yes, these cards do exist, with a few being offered on eBay right now. Most (but not all) of the payers on cards #211-310 have an autographed parallel. Lucky for me, Sabathia is one of the players who is skipped in this series. One less card to track down.

Once again, it's a one step forward, one step back situation. (Well, two steps forward, at least.) The quest continues.

In retrospect, hell, maybe they're calling the #/25 parallels "platinum." Frustrating.

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