Monday, October 31, 2011

HorrorFest #7

Another two-fer for you tonight... I hope these won't be the last of my HorrorFest viewings. There are still a few movies left on the to-watch pile, but a malfunctioning PS3 has put a damper on things. I've been turning to the backup DVD players in order to soldier ahead.

#9 Jennifer's Body (2009 - Karyn Kusama, dir.)

I was hoping this would rise above your typical teen horror genre picture, but it never did, even with Juno's Diablo Cody writing the script. I'm not even going to bother with the plot with this one, and just skip ahead to the stray observations.
*Amanda Seyfried can actually act. I've discounted her because everything else that she appears in (except Mean Girls) is universally horrible, at least they seem that way from the previews. The glasses she wore also normaled up her face a bit, so that helped.
*Megan Fox couldn't act her way out of a cottage cheese container that's currently being used to store leftovers.
*I don't have a picture of this DVD because that was not the format I viewed it on. Back in June we had a free week of HBO and I just went nuts with the DVR. This movie has been waiting there since June.

Boobs?: Nope. The stars are a little too close to the A-list for that.

#10 Saw III (2006 - Darren Lynn Bousman, dir.)

A mess is what this was. Some hints into the backstory were nice, but there were way too many flashbacks to propel a coherent narrative forward. This movie depended on a background knowledge of the film series that only a supremely dedicated fan would have. Main characters from the first two films appear, but we leave Marky Mark's brother in the middle of a jam, then are shown what happened to him in a flashback. It's very difficult to know exactly when the flashbacks are happening: Is this scene taking place before the events of the first Saw? Between the first and second? Concurrently with something else happening right now? A total mess. Glad I only paid $2.00 for it last week at a used bookstore.

Without giving too much away, I must say that it's surprising (but at the same time not surprising) that this franchise has been able to continue for four more movies. If you're at all interested in these movies, I suppose you need to see this one so the later ones (which I haven't seen yet) make sense. If you're questioning your interest, just watch the first one and leave it at that.

Boobs?: Yes, but they haven't quite thawed out yet.

Start looking for Nightmares on Cardboard submissions tomorrow.


Ryan G said...

It's always good to see some Mean Girls love.

Jennifer's Body was supposed to be so awesome and it so wasn't. And the only thing good about the Saw series are the traps, sometimes. Just like Final Destination. So I watch them on fast forward until I get to the good stuff.

SpastikMooss said...

I've seen Saw 3 but didn't remember until I read this post, thought "Did I see Saw 3?" and then googled the plot. So...yeah. Agreed it's not so good. Saw 1 was better the second time around. Saw 2 was silly. And I've never seen 4 or more.

As for Ryan's comment about Final Destination...the original was one of my first major horror movies I saw as a kid and so I grew very attached and thought it was awesome (plus I thought Devon Sawa was cool from Casper and Idle Hands). So...still one of my favorite horror movies to date even though it shouldn't rank with stuff like Suspiria and The Ring and Halloween and whatnot. I even like the second one too, the ending always makes me chuckle. Though 3 is terrible.

Ryan G said...

I can't believe I forgot about Idle Hands. That is the *best* horror movie ever! Well, horror-comedy. For a cast of "nobodies" the acting's great, the story runs well, and it's got some great lines. Plus, Seth Green, Devon Sawa, and Jessica Alba in an angel costume. Yeeeeeaahhhh. I haven't seen that movie in years!

And yeah, the original Final Destination was good, and I watched that normally, but after the first one or two in any horror series the plot takes a back seat to the formula, and I usually can't stand it.

Colbey said...

A little embarrassed to admit it, but if you want to see a good movie w/ Amanda Seyfried then check out "Letters to Juliet". I warn you though - it's a chick flick.