Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nightmares on Cardboard 2011

Ahhhh, the time has finally arrived...

All of this playoff stuff has gotten me behind on things, not the least of which is my annual Halloween card designing contest, Nightmares on Cardboard. This is the special time of year when you, the readers, can win a wonderful prize for sharing your talents. But let's face it, the real prize is the admiration of your peers. The last time most of you received a compliment on something you created was back in second grade for that model of the solar system you made. (And truth be told, you had Jupiter and Saturn in the wrong order, but everyone was too nice to let you know.)

This year's grand prize will include a complete set of baseball cards from some time in the past 10 years, as well as something nice from your favorite baseball team. This will be the only prize awarded this year, so you'd better be at the top of your game. I expect the competition to be fierce this year. Condition: Poor has dominated this contest for the last two years following PunkRockPaint's particularly strong showing in it's debut year. Will one of these fellas claim the crown again, or will some new blood step up?

After much internal deliberation at Thorzul headquarters, the theme for this year's contest has been chosen. This year's entries must adhere to only one rule: NOT TOPPS.

Any custom card entries must not have any relation to a past Topps product. This means you can borrow a design from any of the other competing card companies, most of which are mere spectres by now, or you can create a card completely from scratch. Remember, in-hand cards usually (but not always) garner more favor than images that exist only in the electronic realm. (However, know the limitations of your printer. A great idea that looks like you're running low on cyan might actually do worse than a so-so idea that's technically sound.) I encourage you to stray off the haunted, beaten path. It's the OH MY GOD moment that usually decides the grand prize winner.

If you wish to enter, you have until October 31 (a Monday) to submit your entry to me. Email me at if you wish to submit electronically, or if you just need my mailing address. If you have that stuff already, then I wish you good luck. Remember: NOT TOPPS.

I bid you a spooky adieu.


dayf said...

I'm in. I've got an idea. A terrible, horrible awful idea. So awful I might not be able to go through with it. I've got a backup plan though. I've got a pile of stuff I've been meaning to send you for months anyway so you're getting something terrible at any rate.

Thorzul said...

Was that second sentence a Grinch reference? (No cultural reference escapes me, you know.)

Thorzul said...

Oops, third sentence, I mean.

Doc said...

Last year, you said "No '75 Topps." This year, you say "No Topps."

Why dost thou hate me?

Retrofan said...

Just curious but being so similar does the no topps verdict include o-pee-chee as well?

--David said...

Tartar sauce! All the cards I've made so far are based on Topps. Welp, perhaps i can whip something up that is Non-Topps.

Word verification: unlit. Yeap, that about sums it up.