Monday, October 24, 2011

Nightmares on Cardboard Reminder

Just a reminder that you have one week to get your submissions to me for Nightmares on Cardboard IV. If you haven't started yet, get crackin'. The entries I've received are pretty good so far, and I'd like this to be the best year yet.

Also, I will be sending the October group break cards out today, in case you've been waiting for those.

And finally, a message to Zpop about your September group break cards. I goofed on the zip code and they got sent back to me, but they will be on their way to you today as well.


carlsonjok said...

Can you confirm what you have received? My submission was the first email I have sent to you and want to be sure I didn't end up in the Spam Filter.

Word Verification: fistoad. That sounds like a low budget movie monster.

Thorzul said...

Yes, I have received yours.