Sunday, October 2, 2011

NLDS Game 1

I'm in the midst of a world-class sinus infection that's dogging me pretty bad, so I'm a day late with my post covering the first Brewers playoff game I've ever attended. It went smashingly well, and it continued to go well tonight. After being at some of the games in the chase for the Wild Card in 2008, I found this crowd appropriately subdued. Yes, it got loud, and the crowd was excited, but on a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give us a 7 on the fever pitch scale. There's just this feeling I got that we're saving something for the next few weeks.

Today's post will take the form of a photo essay with limited commentary. Before that, however, I have to share the video I captured of Prince's home run in Game 1. I had an inkling that his at bat was going to be something special, and in one of only two times I took any video during the game, I struck gold.

Man, that was a great moment. Now, onto the pics.

The walk up to the stadium.
I wasn't even four years old the last time we could hang a banner like this.
Two hours before first pitch, Miller Park was my playground.
Bunting, and not the inferior opening day kind.
Brewers BP - McGehee's up, with Sveum, Marcum, and Counsel looking on.
This one's for the Tigers fans out there, should-be Hall-of-Famer Alan Trammell. A guy who hopefully won't see another pitch after today walks behind him.
I was a smidge too late to capture manager Ron Roenicke shaking hands with Trammell. Stupid slow camera.
More BP.
Nice HD graphics.
A different view.
Out in right field.
Gotta sneak Yount in somewhere. His banner from the concourse.
Looking on from above the turnstiles.
No photos during the game, but here's Axford following the final out.
A subdued congratulations.
More to come???


Milwaukee Southpaw said...

What section were you in? From the looks of your camera angle you could have been sitting next to me! I was in Section 423.

Thorzul said...

Yeah, I was in 422, right between the two main support pillars. To think, you came that close to unmasking the Mighty Thorzul...