Monday, October 3, 2011

October Group Break Is Open!

Here it is this month:
One box of 2005 Playoff Prestige (2 relic or AUTO cards, plus a buttload of inserts and parallels)
One tin of 2005 Upper Deck Origins (2 relics, 1 AUTO, 2 parallels, 1 box topper sign)
One tin of 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot (2 relics, 2 AUTOS, we've done this before with some nice results)

Two-team slots will run $19.00. Choose one team (by claiming it first in the comments), another at random is assigned to you. You can also claim a four-team slot at a discount for $37.00. (You get to pick two of the teams.) Remember, Canadian residents add $1.00 per slot.

Send immediate payment to:
Please include your screen name, address, and team(s) of choice as a note with payment. Your cards will arrive faster if you do this. I'd like to order the boxes by Friday, so let's fill the break quickly.

1. Angels -
2. Athletics -
3. Rangers -
4. Mariners -
5. White Sox -
6. Indians - Jason (paid)
7. Royals -
8. Twins - Thorzul
9. Tigers - Teddy Dziuba (paid)
10. Red Sox - Sbsugar (paid)
11. Yankees - Alex (paid)
12. Blue Jays - Dave (paid)
13. Orioles - Thorzul
14. Rays -
15. Cubs -
16. Cardinals - IkesCards (paid)
17. Brewers - Thorzul
18. Pirates -
19. Astros -
20. Reds - jaybarkerfan (paid)
21. Padres -
22. Diamondbacks -
23. Dodgers - jaybarkerfan (paid)
24. Giants - BS (paid)
25. Rockies -
26. Braves - Chris Mays (paid)
27. Nationals/Expos -
28. Mets - jacobmrley (paid)
29. Phillies - BS (paid)
30. Marlins -


Alex said...


IkesCards said...

IkesCards here for the Redbirds.

Jason said...

Indians please. Payment on the way.

Chris Mays said...

Braves please! Payment on the way.

Anonymous said...

I would like the Phillies and Giants. Payment will be on the way as quickly as I can make it. Thanks.


Sbsugar said...

Red Sox please! Payment coming!

jaybarkerfan said...

Reds for me please.

jacobmrley said...

Mets please. Payment will be coming presently...

jaybarkerfan said...

I'll take the Dodgers too. Payment coming tonight.

Teddy Dziuba said...

Just took Tigers in the other comment thread and wanted to make sure I was all set

Thorzul said...

Break is now closed.