Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boxes For Sale!

I've been trying to clear out some space in my baseball card and comic book room (Best. Room. Ever.), and I've come to realize that I need to get rid of some of the EMPTY card boxes I've been saving. Whether they're from group breaks or from personal purchases, the stack of boxes and tins has grown. Before throwing them out, I've decided to offer them up to collectors. I'm sure there are player or team collectors who would like a box with their favorite player on it, but don't want to spend the money n the whole box of cards just to get it.
I'd say a price of $4.00 each for these would cover shipping and handling and hopefully find some of these a good home. Here's what I've got.

Derek Jeter Sweet Spot

Alex Rodriguez Moments & Milestones

Cal Ripken Donruss World Series

Cal Ripken Diamond Kings

Mark Teixeira Prestige

Derek Jeter / Cal Ripken Sweet Spot Retail Tin

Ken Griffey, Jr. Sweet Spot Tin (I have three of these.)

Lou Gehrig Sweet Spot Tin

George Brett Donruss Champions

Wade Boggs / Ryne Sandberg Topps Retired Signature

All tins and boxes are in good shape with no dents or tears. The tins will come with whatever velvet trays were inside of them.
If there's anything you want for $4.00, let me know.



I'll take the Ripken Sweet Spot tin. My son collects him and Christmas is coming! I'll pay this week-end.


BTW, you don't happen to have any of those high end wrappers do you? I do collect wrappers and any you have would be greatly appreciated!I also have a surprise for you in the mail !

Thorzul said...

I have a bunch of crinkled Prestige wrappers (I'll include the one in the best shape) as well as one Jeter Sweet Spot wrapper and one Ripken DK wrapper. I'll make sure those get in the tin for you.

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